At a time when it is not possible for people to worship together, we would like to give you the opportunity to worship with us at home.  Please click on the links below.

If you need help, spiritual or practical, or would just like to speak to someone, please contact us in the following ways:


Tel or  text: 07311824822 and leave a message

Prayer requests: email or telephone Jill Smith on 01440 785759

Blessings Jonathan


Morning and Evening Prayer

Opening of Churches for Limited Sunday Worship
From Sunday 9th August, one of our churches will be open each Sunday for limited Sunday worship. While each church will have taken steps to clean the church and to take precautions against infection, you are warned that there is inevitably a potential risk of infection from coronavirus for those attending the service.  Before entering the church, it is essential please that you read and follow the guidance set out below so that you can protect yourself and others and help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Please do not enter the church porch if anyone is seeking to leave the church though the main door and porch.  Please wait outside until the entrance to the church is clear.

  • While waiting, please remain on the church path and ensure social distancing including a gap of at least two metres from others waiting to enter the church.

  • On entering the church please give your name and contact details (if not previously provided) to the person taking names at the door – the contact details are required should it be necessary to trace those attending the service in the event of a case of infection.  The details will be kept only for this purpose and will be destroyed 21 days after the service.

  • Please use the hand sanitiser on entry to the church.  The wearing of masks is now compulsory inside the church.

  • Please wait to be seated inside the entrance, maintaining social distancing from persons previously entering.  Please do not enter the central access between the pews until it is clear

  • Please only use the pews which are not closed off so as to ensure that social distancing is maintained between persons; not more than one person, family or household should use any one pew.

  • Surfaces are a prime potential source of infection – please minimise so far as possible touching or having contact with surfaces in the church.

  • On leaving the church maintain social distancing at all times.  Do not leave your pew until the space between the pews and the entrance is clear and you are invited to do so.

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds as soon as you can, or when you return home after the service or using the church for private prayer

While we have sought to minimise the risk of infection to those attending the service, anyone entering the church for a service or private prayer does so entirely at their own risk; the PCC can take no responsibility for the exposure to infection of those using the church.


The service pattern for October will be:

25th October: 10:30am Morning Worship, Steeple Bumpstead

                         10:30am Holy Communion, Ridgewell

Opening of Churches for Private Prayer

As you will be aware, the Government has now given permission for churches to open for supervised private prayer, subject to stringent health and cleaning regulations and the completion of a comprehensive risk assessment. Three of our churches will continue to remain closed for the time being (Ashen, Steeple Bumpstead and Sturmer), but the following churches will be open for short periods of time as follows:-


Birdbrook Church:                           Open 10am to 3pm on Wednesdays and Sundays

Helions Bumpstead Church:        Open 10am to Midday on Fridays

Ridgewell Church:                           Open Midday to 3pm on Sundays


If you wish to visit during these times, you will be very welcome. Please take note of the advice available in each church to safeguard your health and minimise the risk of the transmission of infection.